About Chris Cummings

Chris CummingsI’m a 44 year old husband and father of two living in Cleveland, TN.  By day, and often by night and weekend, I specialize in website development and search engine optimization.  When I have free time I have a lot of hobbies that keep me busy: bass guitar and music in general, photography, and of course painting and woodworking.

I grew up around woodworking as my dad had a great work shop and was always “piddling” around doing something.  My dad could build just about anything and while I don’t think I match his talent, I greatly enjoy it.  In my teens I started building skateboard ramps that culminated in a pretty massive ramp in my back yard that strangers would come and ride.

Over the years I would, from time to time, build a shelf or similar project.  However, it wasn’t until many years later that I developed an interest in woodworking as a hobby.  It’s an interested I have kept for many years and thoroughly enjoy!

I am much newer to the world pf painting.  I’d never tried it before but long had an interest in art.  For my anniversary, my wife got me a starter set of painting supplies and that quickly turned into a hobby I love a lot.  I enjoy the creativity, the process and I am always seeking to learn new techniques.

Shortly after getting into painting I started developing a few ideas to merge these two passions.  As time goes on I hope to have more products that marry my woodworking and painting.


Why Southpaw Works?

i was looking for a name that married both the woodworking and artistic painting side, but I couldn’t come up with anything that didn’t sound too “fluffy”, which just isn’t my style.  I’m left-handed and I thought “Southpaw” sounded like a pretty unique name for this little project.

I thought about calling it Southpaw Art & Craft but I settled on Southpaw Works.  I chose “Works’ in honor of a great friend I grew up with, who was a tremendous woodworker (far beyond my skill set) who passed away suddenly just a few short months ago.